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Yesterday's healed scars, today's open wounds


My german teacher is on a school trip, thats why we are in our computerroom now. This won't be a stressful day today, most of my teachers are ill or on a schooltrip too. I'm doing my maths and french homeworks now and I need to learn for the test, I don't know about anything we need to know, which is really bad, last test were both E-. But good for me, it's only mid-term, my makrs are not THAT important. See you.
4.12.07 10:34

I'm fuuuhcing tired. Heute um 8 auf, in Schule -> Tag der offenen Tür meiner Kunstlehrerin geholfen, Rest war bla blubb mein bruder hat nen geilen Bundeswehr Anzug den er bei seinem Gelöbnis getragen hat - heiß.
17.11.07 19:31


Morgen ist son doofer Tag, Musik, Bio und dann bla blubb was. Bio mag ich nich. Musik auch nich. Ich mag Schule nich.
15.11.07 19:45